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Learning and Wellness for Children and Adults, aims in providing holistic and mindful services in relation to learning and mental  health, that encompasses overall well-being. Learning and Wellness offers a range of services from individual assessments, to counseling, seminars and ongoing series of creative and informative workshops and/or courses.

Our philosophy as expressed by the blue lotus is based on the principles of self-actualization, change, rebirth, knowledge and emotional and physical harmony. We strongly believe that successful learning depends on the harmonious balance of one’s emotional world and the immediate environment.

Moreover, an individual will not be able to embrace change without knowledge, a mindful approach and a healthy psychological state. Thus, Learning and Wellness are interrelated and complement each other in everyday life demands; in school environments, in college preparation, the work place and all interpersonal relations.

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity”.
--Albert Einstein


Our vision is to be the lead in providing educational and wellness services in Greece, to both English and Greek speaking communities by empowering our clients to embrace holistic, well-balanced lives.


Our mission is to support our clients with expert educational and clinical skills with genuine care, to inspire them to progress positively as individuals, despite any challenges and difficulties throughout life’s journey. Our services will be provided via four sectors as depicted in our own acronym W.A.L.T. (Welcoming- Alternative- Living- Together); the etymology refers to actions that express change, e.g. to overturn, tumble, totter, to turn, or roll.


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