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Memory and Learning

05 December 2017

Research indicates that problems with memory can affect storing and consequently, retrieving information for students.
Specifically, three types of memory are important to learning, “working memory”, “short term memory” and “long term memory.” All three types of memory are essential and used in the processing of both verbal and non-verbal information. “Working memory” refers to the ability to hold on to pieces of information until the pieces blend into a full thought or concept. For example, reading each word until the end of a sentence or paragraph and then understanding the full content. “Short-term memory” is the active process of storing and retaining information for a short, limited period of time. The information is temporarily available but not yet stored for long-term retention. “Long-term memory” refers to information that has been stored and that is available for use over a long period of time. Students may also encounter difficulty with auditory memory or visual memory. The most relevant factors to students regarding strengthening their memory are time management, space management and school work management.

Some strategies include but are not limited to the following: Check lists, visual calendars to keep track of long term assignments, due dates, chores, and activities, long assignments into smaller segments and assigned time frames for completion, organization of space, minimizing clutter, a weekly scheduled time to clean and organize the study/work space, using technology to keep track of dates, times and assignments, a diary for reflection on which strategies work and which help most with routines, an environment which enhances memory and learning (some students are helped by listening to music while writing or studying) (Entwistle and Ramsdel, 2015).

(Lamprou, 2017)


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