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Visual Perception Difficulties

13 February 2018

Visual perception difficulties refer to signs such as missing subtle differences in shapes or printed letters, losing place frequently, challenges with cutting, holding the pencil too tightly, or poor eye/hand coordination.

Children may exhibit some of the following behaviors/characteristics:

  • Reversals: b for d, p for q or inversions: u for n, w for m
  • Difficulty finding his/her way around campus
  •  Eyes may hurt and itch; print blurs while reading
  • Turns head when reading across page
  • Closes one eye while working
  • May yawn while reading
  • Is not able to copy accurately
  • Does not recognize an object/word if only part of it is shown
  • Misaligns letters; may have messy papers (e.g. letters colliding or letters not on line, etc.)

An educator or specialist may try the following ideas for additional support; they can also teach children some of these strategies so they can also manage independently:

  • Avoid grading handwriting
  • Allow dictation of creative stories instead of having them write it out
  • Provide alternative assignments for written assignments
  • Suggest use of pencil grips
  • Allow use of computer or word processor
  • Limit copying tasks
  • Provide tracking tools: ruler, text windows
  • Use large print books
  • Provide books on tape
  • Experiment with different paper types (e.g. pastels, graph, embossed raised line paper)

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