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Language Processing Disorder

16 March 2018


Language Processing Disorder 

What it is and How to Intervene

Language processing difficulties refer to a specific type of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). A problem referred to as Language Processing Disorder (LPD) relates only to the processing of language. LPD can affect expressive language (what you say) and/or receptive language (how you understand what others say) (LDA, 2018).


  • Difficulty deriving meaning from spoken language.
  • Demonstrates poor written output.
  • Indications of poor reading comprehension.
  • Difficulty expressing thoughts in verbal form.
  • Difficulty labeling objects or recognizing labels.
  • Exhibits frustration due to having a lot to say and no way to say it.
  • The feeling that words are “right on the tip of my tongue”.
  • Can describe an object and draw it, but can’t think of the word for it.
  • Signs of depression or having feelings of sadness.
  • Difficulty understanding jokes.


  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Use simple sentences to provide information.
  • Speech and language therapy is highly recommended.
  • Allow tape recorder for note taking.
  • Write main concepts on board.
  • Provide peer tutor (support).
  • Visualization techniques to enhance listening and comprehension.
  • Graphic organizers for note taking from lectures or books.
  • Story starters for creative writing assignments.
  • Practice story mapping.
  • Use of questions and visualization strategies .

(APA, 2018)

Dr. Lamprou, 2018



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